Here are details of some of our favourite companies, we hope you like them too.

 If you are looking for a party venue in St Albans then The Inn on the Park is perfect.  They offer children's parties and evening hire for more sophisticated events - and we can even deliver the cake direct for you.  Visit their website for more info . And even if you don't need a party venue, it is a great place to pop in for a tasty lunch or coffee and cake.

Many Cracking Cakes are made with ingredients purchased from - we especially love the sparkley ones!  Visit their site for lots of lovely decorations and equipment to help with your own home baking.

We make the cakes but what about the party?  How about a spot of pottery painting?  Harpenden-based Phoenix Ceramics is a great mobile pottery-painting studio - you supply the venue, they do the rest.  There are lots of ceramic pieces to choose from, enabling guests to decorate a lasting memory of the event.  They also run parties for grown-ups, can supply takeaway kits for home use and their baby footprints are just too cute.  Visit their website for more details

For a lovely range of strands, mallows, pearls, crunchy decorations and seasonal and regular sprinkles, we've just discovered Secret Ingredients, and we're sharing this secret with you!

Children's parties take a lot of organising but I have found a company who can help with one job - the dreaded party bag.  They cater for boys and girls from 1- 15 years old and start from just £3.00 - and they look great.  None of that plastic rubbish that ends up in the bin, gorgeous bits and bobs that they will love and beautifully presented.  Visit them at for more information.

We supply the cakes, but you'll probably need to buy a present.  Try for the greatest gift ideas ever.  They also have some fab cake stands to display your Cracking Cupcakes.

Compassion in World Farming was founded in 1967 by a British farmer who became horrified by the development of modern, intensive factory farming.  Amongst many things, they have tirelessly lobbied to outlaw the barren battery cage for egg-laying hens.  Cracking Cakes only use eggs layed by free-range hens and support the work of Compassion in World Farming.  Visit for more information about their work.

The Truly Scrumptious range of partyware is, in my opinion, rather gorgeous.  They have all sorts including a fab. cardboard cake stand and plates just too pretty to disguise with food.  They are available from amongst other places.